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How much is the rent in Shanghai?

Shanghai is a super-large city and real estate prices cover the full range: for a 2-bedroom apartment of acceptable quality these would be the minimum prices to expect:

  • downtown 10,000 RMB / month,
  • midtown 8,500 RMB / month,
  • suburbs 6,000 RMB/month
How much commission do agents charge on rentals?

Agents in Shanghai charge 35-50% of the first monthly rent from tenant and landlord each. Many agencies have a cut-off, normally between 10,000 and 15,000 RMB: if the rent is higher than this amount, the landlord will cover the tenant's commission.

What documents do I need to rent an apartment?

You will need your passport - that's it from the tenants' side. To protect yourself from fraud, it is important to make sure that the landlord can show you their ownership certificate. If they are not the owner themselves, they need to be authorized by the actual owner to rent out the property.

What's the upfront cost of renting an apartment in Shanghai?

When signing the contract, or at the latest on your move-in day, you will need to pay:

  • 1-3 months advance rental payment (always try to negotiate for 1 month)
  • security deposit equal to 1-2 month of rent (just like above, try to negotiate for 1 month)
    --- the combination of advance rental and deposit should not be higher than 4 months ---
  • if applicable: agent fee, equal to 35-50% of rent


Is there anything I need to do after signing the contract?

Not after signing, but after moving into your new home: According to Chinese law, you will need to register your and all family members' presence at the assigned police station within 24 hours after moving in.

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