Shimao Riviera Garden - Gated Community

West Weifang Road 1


Shimao Riviera Garden is a large riverside deluxe neighborhood adjacent to Lujiazui CBD, located right opposite to the prosperous Bund and comprising seven 49-to-55-story high deluxe apartment. To fully use the rare river scenery resources, all main construction units are ranked in a line from north to south and in a shape of arc and well laid out to avoid blocking of sight which enables every household to face the river and enjoy beautiful scenery.
70% of the compound are greenery, including six world theme parks: Chinese Suzhou Garden, Hawaiian Beach , German Swan Lake, English Lawn, French Maze Garden and Olympic Sport Park. Amenities Include Four Deluxe Clubhouses, Two indoor swimming pools, outdoor tennis courts, fitness center, indoor multi-functional athletic field for basketball, volleyball & badminton, etc.

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