The 10 Best Apartment Compounds in Shanghai

The Best Apartment Compounds in Shanghai

Looking for the best apartment your money can get you in Shanghai? Based on our personal impressions, seeing expats’ reactions, and listening to them once they move out, we have compiled a list of the 10 best apartment compounds in Shanghai. Note: none of these are cheap, and you better negotiate a good housing allowance as part of your compensation.

Ambassy Court 鸿艺豪苑

Apartment Compound

Ambassy Court is located excellently: A vibrant neighborhood with the nostalgic heritage of the former French Concession offers an abundance of boutiques, bars, restaurants and a few Western bakeries. Shanghai Library, home to China’s largest foreign literature department, is just across the street. Walking to Metro Line 10 takes roughly 3 minutes. Ambassy Club, one of the top private clubs in Shanghai, is situated just outside the compound’s gate.
Apartments come mostly with modern furniture and contemporary design. The smallest layout, 2 bedrooms – 114m², is available from 18,000 RMB/month
Chinese Name: 鸿艺豪苑 Address: Middle Huaihai Road 1500, Xuhui District

Casa Lakeville 翠湖天地嘉苑 

Apartment Compound

Casa Lakeville is the third phase of the high-end Lakeville development in Xintiandi, now consisting of four distinct projects. Xintiandi is the most expensive and trendy area in Shanghai, offering upscale dining, luxury shopping, and a Western style nightlife. Modern apartment projects were constructed with the city’s social and business elite in mind. All parts of the Lakeville series are great (and expensive) choices. Amenities, if in original condition, are high-end import appliances installed by the developer, Shui On Land. Layouts are ample and bright. The clubhouses and its state-of-the-art facilities belong to the best in Shanghai. Casa Lakeville however wins over the others being extremely conveniently situated just on top of Xintiandi Style, a popular designer shopping mall, and the closest to Metro lines 10 and 13. The newest Xintiandi Luxe offers stunning luxury apartments, but as it has openend very recently only, is still developing its residents and tenants base.
The smallest Layout in Casa Lakeville, 1 bedroom – 90m², has not been seen cheaper than 22,000 RMB/month during the last 12 months.
Chinese Name: 翠湖天地嘉苑 Address: Madang Road 292, Huangpu District

Eight Park  Avenue 静安豪景

Apartment Compound

Eight Park Avenue locates in Jing’an and is one of the top choices for new expats in Shanghai. The project, just as its older sibling One Park Avenue next to it, offers free access to its comprehensive clubhouse facilities free of charge for all compound residents, including a 50m swimming pool, a modern gym, squash halls, tennis, bowling, basketball, etc. Security guards and doormen are known to be very helpful especially towards foreign residents. The location is quite good, within walking distance (~10 minutes) to Jing’an Temple and West Nanjing Road.
Rentals start at 15,000 RMB/month for the smallest layout (1 bedroom, 71m²) and go up to around 40,000 RMB/month for the large 4 bedroom units.
Chinese Name: 静安豪景 Address: Wuding Road 650, Jing’an District

Joffre Garden 东方巴黎

Apartment Compound

Joffre Garden, also known as Oriental Paris, scores big with its location: Located right behind super popular iapm shopping mall, which houses top restaurants and international flagship stores. Metro access is super convenient, with lines 1, 10, and 12 accessible within minutes. The historic, charming Cathay Theatre is only few steps further, and just like the beautiful Garden Hotel witness of the vibrant 1930s. The convenient, central location might ring alarm bells for those who have suffered from Downtown’s hustle and bustle before, but Joffre Garden manages to be a quiet retreat. Residents enjoy the French-style garden and clubhouse facilities. If your agent shows you several apartments in Joffre Garden you will probably find that interior styles vary massively, with great and terrible results. Pricewise the range goes from 16,000 RMB/month for a 2-bedroom, 87m² unit to 35,000 RMB/month for 4 bedrooms and 236m².
Chinese Name: 东方巴黎 Address: Nanchang Road 555, Xuhui District

Kingsville 金苑

Apartment Compound

Kingsville is one of the estates that most expats discover only after they have already settled down. The 29-storey twin towers stand along tiny and idyllic Anfu Road, a café and restaurant street in the former French Concession, that many expats consider to be one of the best places to socialize and to enjoy a Sunday in Downtown Shanghai. Apartments in Kingsville are spacious and compatible to family as well as expat lifestyles, each having separates entries for cleaning staff and a small room for a nanny (ayi in Chinese). While already a bit older, Kingsville is nonetheless a prestigious executive residence. The entrance has a semi-circular driveway so that residents can be picked up by taxis or chauffeurs within the compound. An impressive two-storey houses the frontdesk, resident elevators, and access to a gym, laundry service and a beautiful lounge with grand piano. Further, residents can use the outdoor swimming pool and tennis court.
As apartments are all very spacious, the entry price in Kingsville is quite high already: from 35,000 RMB/month for a 3-bed, 238m² apartment. At the top end, there are two penthouses each above 500m² and when available priced around 65,000 – 70,000 RMB/month.
Chinese Name: 金苑 Address: Anfu Road 198, Xuhui District

LanTing / La Cite 兰庭

Apartment Compound

Lanting is one of the most exclusive estates in Shanghai Downtown. If you are neither looking for something above 50,000 RMB/month nor a Shanghai real estate agent, chances are you won’t step inside. Tucked away in Hunan Road, one of the quieter areas of the former French Concession, north of Jiaotong University, residents in this area enjoy a private, retreated life, only 10 minutes away from the convenience and bustle from Downtown and Middle Huaihai Road. It is no wonder that LanTing enjoys high popularity among top ranking government officials and C-Level expats living in Shanghai with family. Properties here are duplex and triplex apartments with gardens or large terraces, high-end equipment and security, and excellent onsite facilities. We don’t see available units often, and during 2019 there were two rentals only: a 5-bed duplex with 276m² for 56,000 RMB monthly, and a modified, super spacious 3-bed triplex with 391m² for a modest 80,000 RMB per month. Careful: There is another compound called La Cite as well, but it is in Xujiahui. Do not pay 50,000 RMB there!
Chinese Name: 兰庭 Address: Hunan Road 565, Changning District

Oriental Manhattan 东方曼哈顿

Apartment Compound

Oriental Manhattan has built a certain popularity among families in Shanghai who like the Downtown life of Shanghai. Located right next to the busy center of Xujiahui, a one stop business district with a number of modern shopping malls, a Carrefour supermarket and good quality modern housing. The draw of Oriental Manhattan are its family and child suitable sports and leisure facilities, including in- and outdoor swimming pools, gym, playgrounds, tennis, etc. While the central area of Xujiahui with its huge malls and busy streets can be overwhleming during the day, the view at night is stunning. Beside that, the area and Oriental Manhattan also benefit from its proximity to Shanghai Indoor Stadium and Swimming Pool, as well as the convenient Metro situation with lines 1, 9, and 11 servicing this traffic hub.
Apartment layouts cover the whole range, from 1-bedroom, 70m² normally around 13,000 RMB/month (if you get lucky as low as 11,000), to 3 bedrooms, 169m² for 20-22,000 RMB/month.
Chinese Name: 东方曼哈顿 Address: Hongqiao Road 168, Xuhui District

The Paragon 凯德茂名公馆

Apartment Compound

The Paragon is a luxury estate for the 1%. Located at the intersection of Maoming Road and Julu Road, around midway between Shanghai’s two prosperous shopping streets Nanjing Road and Middle Huaihai Road. It lies in the former French Concession, an area with strong historical charme but also conveniently close to many important cultural and commercial sites of Shanghai. The compound’s English garden style provides the ambience of leisure and comfort, paying much emphasis to the distinctive elements of the four seasons. The on-site clubhouse features gym, swimming pool, sauna, SPA and a playground for the younger residents. Apartments are laid out very spacious and come with top-end equipment installed by the developer: from German kitchen and household appliances to under-floor heating, water filtration and softening, electric curtains and motion detection security system, these apartments have all the things you never knew you needed until you had them.
Top equipment, luxury facilities, and space in this location of course come with a hefty price tag: During the last 12 months the most affordable apartment in The Paragin was a 2 bedroom unit with 144m² floor space for 42,000 RMB/month. Larger 3-bed apartments with 213-223m² end up at 50-65,000 RMB monthly.
Chinese Name: 凯德茂名公馆 Address: South Maoming Road 9, Huangpu District

Shimao Riviera 世茂滨江花园

Apartment Compound

Shimao Riviera in Lujiazui CBD is like a small town in itself. It has an extensive range of sports and kids’ facilities, onsite supermarkets, differently themed garden areas, and business facilities. This, paired with its location, make it one of the most popular apartment complexes among expat singles and families alike. Located in the financial center, rentals are surpsingly modest compared to those across the river in Puxi/Downtown, around 25% lower (per-sqm) then in comparable apartments. International schools in Pudong’s suburbs have established bus lines in order to cater to the many expat families living here. Apartments are spacious and bright and come with stunning views of Huangpu River and historical Bundside.
If interested in living in this compound as a single or couple, be preapred for a monthly rent of at least 15,000 RMB for a 1-bed, 88m² apartment. Families choose the larger 3 and 4 bedroom layouts, starting from 237m² and 27,000 RMB/month.
Chinese Name: 世茂滨江花园 Address: West Weifang Road 1 & 2, Pudong New Area

Sinan Mansions 思南公馆

Apartment Compound

Sinan Mansions are a block of recently redeveloped period mansions into a high-end stretch adjacent to Fuxing Park and Xintiandi. Not everybody in Shanghai is a fan of these redevelopments deleting pieces of history, but Sinan Mansions are definitely a success. Fine dining and fancy cocktails are arranged in one stretch, 4 mid-rise buildings with luxury condominiums in another, joined by a hotel, and corporate villas. An apartment with 2 bedrooms and 125m² in Sinan Mansions comes usually with a price tag of 32-35,000 RMB/month, and 3-bedroom units are somehwere around 40,000 RMB.
Chinese Name: 思南公馆 Address: Sinan Road 53, Huangpu District

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