How to use Wechat for Digital Fapiao Issuance

At first, China’s Fapiao / tax invoice system seems confusing and burdensome. But if you are on a work contract and your employer helps you to take advantage of the many tax-free allowances available for workers in China, you will probably have learnt the ropes of this paper-intensive system. Or if your work sends your out for a business trip or to purchase items related to work, an official tax receipt is generally required to receive a reimbursement.

Wechat has come up with a quite simple solution to reduce the burden and paper needed to receive a fapiao. We show you how in our step-by-step guide:

  1. Tap the Search icon and type or paste 微信发票助手 (pinyin: weixin fapiao zhushou), meaning: Wechat Fapiao Helper
  2. Create your fapiao profile

    You will need to know and enter the following information: your company’s full name in Chinese (including which office branch, if applicable), its tax number, the company address, phone number, bank name and bank account. Make sure to double check everything you have filled in, especially the tax number. It might be easiest to ask a kind soul at your office to assist, or to send you everything by Wechat so that you can copy/paste it.
  3. After saving your information, the mini program will generate a page  with the information and QR code, which will allow businesses to access it with just a quick scan and do their part. You can reach this page by tapping on the new entry at the miniapp homepage.
    If you are not interacting face to face to show the QR code, you can also forward the profile to a Wechat contact. Tap on the three small circles in the top-right corner and select the contact you wish to share it with.
  4. If you spotted a mistake or changed companies, you can edit your information. Tap on the edit icon near the top-right and choose whether you want to edit or delete the profile.
  5. To review your collected fapiaos, tap “我的发票 / My Fapiaos” at the homepage and use the available filters to find what you are looking for.

    Available filters are:
    发票类型 – Fapiao Type
    发票日期 – Fapiao Date
    +++Type Filters+++
    全部 – All
    通讯费 – Communication
    交通 – Transportation
    医疗票据 – Medical bills
    餐饮 – Food and beverage
    酒店行业 – Hospitality
    快递行业 – Express delivery
    加油站 – Gas station
    其他 – Others


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