Green City Shanghai – the perfect place for expat families

Green City in Pudong New Area, Shanghai is a prime example of international residential communities in the city. Overall it can be seen as one of the first steps in the context of China’s move to go create green cities. While not exclusively populated and frequented by foreign nationals, the popularity and attraction it has on expats is apparent. The area comprises 16 neighborhoods, and in 13 of these, more than 50% of residents are foreigners (including those from Hong Kong China, Macao China and Taiwan China). Families living in Green City experience an environment as similar to American suburbs as it can get in Shanghai. Green City is what people mean when they talk about a home away from home.

Housing, education, shopping, health services, and entertainment align closely with the preferences of international families. Biyun (the Chinese name for Green City) Commercial Street, a super-sized Carrefour Supermarket, and Hongfenglu Commercial Street provide very comprehensive commercial services. 

Community is spelled with a capital C in Green City, hosting more than 100 activities per year, from lantern festival celebrations to running competitions. Within the residential compounds you see tight-knit relations and friendships among the many children. Kids can walk or ride their bicycles to school instead of taking a school bus across the city.

The environment is, given the area’s name quite unsurprisingly, one of the greenest in Shanghai. Park-like areas, bike paths and trees are found in abundance. Green City has been designed from the ground up to meet the expectations of a modern international community by providing generous, healthy spaces and high quality facilities.

Green City is known for its many sport facilities, such as the Green Sports and Leisure Center covering adults’ and kids’ sporting needs from swimming and gym to football and basketball. But there are also many smaller sports grounds and clubs spread throughout Biyun, where children can learn local activities like Kung Fu.

Schools and Kindergartens in Green City

While all these are strong advantages of Green City over other areas in Shanghai, many expat families have one main reason to settle here: High-quality education. While all international schools in Shanghai enjoy good reputations, Green City gathers some of the city’s best. With Concordia Int’l School and Dulwich College Shanghai you have two highly reputable institutions that cover the whole range from early childhood education to secondary /senior high school level. Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School is a great option if you’d like your children to mingle with local children as well. Purely international schools are not allowed to take in Chinese (by passport) children due to different requirements for the curriculum.

For early childhood education, Green City is also home to three campuses of the Montessori Academy, the Freesoul Montessori Kindergarten, and the Little Wonder Academy.

Medical Facilities in Green City

There are several medical facilities within Green City and nearby. The following short list is only an excerpt of the most renown hospitals and clinics.

Housing in Green City

While Green City’s real estate is mostly focusing on families, providing large villas in secure, gated communities, there are options available for everybody’s needs, including apartments and service apartments. Being such an attractive area, the Green City real estate market is favoring the landlords’ side, and bargains are only possible to a small extend.
The most popular estates in Green City are:

  • Beverly Hills (Villas)
  • Green Hills (Villas)
  • Vizcaya (Villas)
  • Willowbrook (Villas)
  • Shimao Lakeside (Townhouses and Apartments)
  • Tomson Riviera Garden (Townhouses)
  • Dawn Garden (Apartments)
  • Green Court (Apartments and Service Apartments)
  • Lanson Place Jinqiao (Service Apartments)
  • Seasons Villa (Apartments)

Below are our newest listings in Green City, located in the above and other compounds:

Public Transportation and Highway Connection

Green City is a suburban area,but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be well connected to the rest of the city. Situated between the major highways Inner Ring and Middle Ring, it’s fairly easy to quickly enter the intracity highway network. Lujiazui CBD can thus be reached by car in as little as 15 minutes, although most times it takes around 20 minutes. People’s Square in Downtown is a 30 minute ride away, and  to Pudong International Airport about 35 minutes are needed by taxi.

Lantian Road Metro station, serviced by line 9, is found at the mid-northern end of Green City. Once you get there, a subway ride to Lujiazui CBD then takes 19 minutes, and only 5 minutes more to People’s Square.

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