Finally: Disneyland without the crowds – Shanghai Disneyland reopens

Disneyland Shanghai has reopened! It had  been closed since the end of January, but after some significant changes, Disneyland was allowed to open again. For now, the capacity is limited to 30%. You have to reserve your ticket in advance to get your spot even if you are an annual pass holder. You can book a spot without paying if you have an annual pass. None of their indoor shows are currently taking place, same goes for parades or the night time firework show.

“Social distancing” measures are enforced for those waiting in lines for the rides and food stands. You have to wait about 1 meter apart (3 feet), with yellow tape on the ground or the railings to tell you where to stand.

On car rides, rows will be reserved for individuals or members of the same household. Strangers cannot sit next to strangers. Hand sanitizers are available outside of every ride. everyone is required to wear a mask, especially while you are in line for a ride. Kids should wear masks as well.

To be honest – sounds like I might finally go to Disneyland after all these improvements – that is if they ever open the border for commons again.


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